Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin, Really?

This is the main street of the little villiage of which Palin was mayor until she was elected Governor about 18 months ago.

She is on record earlier this summer as not knowing what the job of Vice President entailed. Amazing.

If McCain/Palin is elected it will be clear evidence America wants to die because their misadministration would be worse than the Bush/Cheney Misadministration. At least Cheney knew what he was doing.

Here we have a guy who graduated in the bottom of his class at the AirForce Academy into which he was permitted to enroll because his father and grandfather were Admirals. He is a know nothing, and now he has invited yet another know nothing to the table.

Lord preserve America if they get elected.

Apparently, she didn't even know what the Vice President did as recently as this summer. This is amazing.

Jack Cafferty nails this one on the head.

So who is Sara Palin? Olbermann and Maddow illuminate the choice.

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