Friday, November 21, 2008

I knew there was a good reason to dislike/hate/loathe/despise republicans

Seven Joanas writes about the dominant reason the Repugs want to destroy GM, besides that is destroying the only viable union left, the UAW.

He writes: "Finally there is an overarching political reason, well beyond red state/blue state voting patterns. The Republicans in their gut realize that if Obama even half-succeeds in bringing the country through the recession/Depression, especially if it is identified in peoples’ minds as Limbaugh would everso falsely have it be, as the “Obama Recession,” they will be in the political wilderness for along time. They realize that the only pathway they have back to power is if things get so bad that the Obama Administration is rendered powerless to deal with the situation and, possibly, there are an increasing number of public protests around the country that eventually turn violent, and possibly increasingly violent. Then they would become the “law and order” types, and you know what the scenario would then be. And so, in my view the overriding reason the Republicans do not want to help GM over the hump is precisely that they want to make things as bad as possible before Obama has the chance to step in and begin dealing positively with the situation, so as to significantly decrease his chances of success. Indeed, it is the obverse of the old Trotskyite mantra in referring to the conditions that could lead to a communist revolution, in this case leading to a possible fascist takeover: the worse the better."

The worse the better. They do not care about the welfare of Americans. They do not care about the suffering of Americans who will be in dire financial straits because of the failure of GM. They want power. What kind of power? The power to continue looting the American Treasury. That's what they did during the Bush Misadministration, that's all they know to do besides wanting to put cameras in our bedrooms to make sure we are not up to any funny business they don't approve of.

May republicans burn, burn, baby burn in whatever political hell there might be.


Steven Jonas, MD,

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